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I have gotten about fifteen messages from users of Demon ranging from "WHAT THE ^&*% ARE YOU THINKING???" to "Yeah, I've kinda lost interest in Doom too." The main consensus was that interest in Doom is going down. Therefore, I am giving out the source code to everyone and anyone who wants it. The app from this source was never released as it is not in such good shape right now.


Yes, I know I haven't updated Demon in a really long time. This does mean that I have given up on it for the time being. If I get a ton of responses from users who really want a new version, I might be persuaded to continue work on it. So, the version you see here is the last one that you will probably ever see. I have just lost interest in Doom, and as far as I can tell, not too many people are interested in a mac level editor.

The first beta of ZenNode for the mac is out!

And its fast!
Go visit its page now!
Yes, I know I haven't updated Demon in a long time, but no I haven't given up on it. I have some good features planned, I've just been lacking time to do much of anything. Some of the new features will include: floating palettes, less or no command line interface, and a window for each open WAD sort of like Deimos has. However, some of the auxiliary features will probably be missing. I don't have a date or estimation for when it will come out. Sometime.

This is a beta port of a beta version of deu 5.3. Sound scary? It should. Ok, the bad news first. The interface is weird in places. Some parts don't behave like a mac program should. It has some bugs (This is a beta version). You can't read wads with spaces in them. The docs are for an old version.

Now the good news: it works. You can make levels for doom. (Save often) As far as I know, this is one of two WAD editors for the mac, and still has more features than the other one.

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Current Versions

Many people have said that downloading the files from this page is really slow. So, I recommend that you use one of the alternate sites I included here instead of the main one. The files here are in MacBinary format and can be decoded with Stuffit Expander. The most recent version is also usually available on the many info-mac mirrors.

Future Plans:

This copy of deu was ported from the IBM version of deu by Raphael Quinet and the rest of the deu team. You can get the original IBM version at the Deu home page.

Don't be too disturbed if I don't answer your email. I try to answer all the intelligent questions, and I read everything, but I do have other things to do, and I'm already getting a truckload of email. Bug reports are always welcome. This may sound obvious, but please remember to not put a fake email address on your message, or else I can't respond.

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