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EEEV v1.0a4 1996-1998 James Knight 4/23/98

What does EEEV stand for?

It stands for "Everything Editor for Escape Velocity" While it doesn't edit everything now, it is planned to be able to.

Source code available

Since there are some people who want to keep working on EEEV even though I have apparently stopped, I have released the source code to 1.0a4. It is pretty readable (IMO), so you shouldn't have too much trouble adding some cool stuff if you have the time.'s the source. Please read the readme included for terms of use.

What EEEV Does

EEEV is an editor for Ambrosia Software's Escape Velocity. When it is completed, it will support editing of all of the resources related to EV. It requires at least System 7 or later, and might require Color Quickdraw. Note that at this point I have tested it on exactly two computers, so let me know if it doesn't work on your system. The computers I have tested it on are a Power Mac 8500 and Centris 610. Both are running System 7.5.5.

Version History

The EV bible is included in EEEV 1.0a2 and later, and can also be gotten from Ambrosia's ftp site.


Non-Features (ie: bugs)

Future features:

EEEV is 1996-98 by James Knight. All rights reserved.
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